21 hotels which go that extra mile to keep their patrons happy

When we go on a business trip or vacation, we look out for the best deal, best room, best hotel... A place that offers us a service or added extra that we can't find anywhere else.

Some hotels around the world are specialists when it comes to making their guests feel right at home. Just check out the following unique services!

1. If you're feeling lonely, this hotel lets you rent a dog for company!

2. The perfect temperature!

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3. Enjoy a cold beer in a hot shower

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4. For anyone who loves vinyl

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5. Take the slide down to the hotel's restaurant!

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6. This Japanese hotel tells you the day's weather forecast!

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7. A doorbell, just like at home!

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8. Because plants create a zen atmosphere!

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9. Everyone loves pizza...

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10. When a rubber duck makes all the difference

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11. For times when you want a post-meal nap without going back up to your room

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12. A bathroom mirror that will never steam up

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13. So you never have to ask what day it is

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14. A TV screen that's integrated into the mirror

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15. A robot that delivers water to your room

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16. Champagne anyone?

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17. A safe with a USB port so you can charge up your phone or tablet

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18. Who doesn't love bedtime stories?

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19. This hotel "prints out" pancakes

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20. Not to be used in winter!

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21. This hotel lends cell phones to its patrons!

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