21 guys who proved their love for their partner in the cutest of ways

Men are great romantics, even if most of them deny it! And yet women love it when their partner gives them that little bit of extra attention.

It's not the "value", but the "thought" that counts. From a comforting hug to a lovely meal, sweet gift or even a marriage proposal... So in honor of the romantics out there, here's a delightful selection of photos that prove love is well and truly in the air!

1. This guy changed the scales so his partner would feel good about herself every time she used them

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2. A little message

© gigi4hart / reddit  

3. A customized birthday cake

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4. This guy proposed to his girlfriend at her most favorite place in the world

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5. When he leaves you the last slice of bacon

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6. Some men are willing to risk their lives!

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7. This guy made a bench for his girlfriend from branches he found lying around

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8. This woman is mountain climber, so her husband made this to represent their love

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9. When you ask your partner to buy flour...

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10. Anyone can bring out their inner "Masterchef"

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11. "I gave my wife an enchanted rose"

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12. "My boyfriend went out and bought a matching outfit"

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13. "I came home from work and found this cake waiting for me"

14. Sometimes the tiniest gestures are the sweetest

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15. "My boyfriend paints my nails when I'm too tired to do it myself"

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16. When your boyfriend makes you a new plant stand

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17. Another helpful boyfriend

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18. This guy knows his girfriend hates chorizo, so moved all the slices to one side

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19. This guy was broke, so made a paper bouquet of lilies

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20. This man kept a flower from the first bouquet he gave to his girlfriend and had it made into a necklace

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21. This lady didn't have time to go out to buy earrings, so drew the shape/size on her boyfriends hand...

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