21 genius ideas to simplify everyday life

In our consumerist world, we tend to throw away anything that is too worn, stained or no longer of use to us. We may even be pressured into getting rid of our belongings. But did you know that many objects can be re or upcycled and be put back to good use?

It’s something that many of us don't even consider... Buying new stuff means we tend to get rid of old things, whereas recycling them can be a real money-saving venture! Just check out the ideas below!

1. With a skateboard you can have 4 toilet paper holders

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2. A remote controlled car to help with household chores

3. For when you need to carry dozens of arrows

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4. Cheaper than buying a new shade

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5. Alternative hairbrush use

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6. We love this bird feeder idea

7. How to power boost a scooter

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8. A 9 year-old made this!

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9. Not sure if this will fool the traffic cops!

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10. Toolbox chopsticks

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11. Because car seats are the most comfy

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12. Warm up your pastry at work

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13. A four-legged water carrier

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14. You'd never know this was broken...

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15. Shower head broke? No problem!

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16. An "industrial" cufflink

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17. Cheap and cheerful

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18. Why buy a new couch?

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19. When your iron no longer works

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20. Raid your kids' toy chest!

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21. The end of bickering siblings!

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