21 design ideas that are clever and stylish

Every day, new designs are created all around the world. They include new design ideas for our homes, everyday objects, ways to improve our comfort in the car, or simply inventions for the streets or the city where we live.

Each creation has a specific goal – to improve our daily lives, to make our days simpler and more convenient. How can life be made simpler in even the most minor detail...which really isn’t so small? We have selected some photos that show how some ideas come from creative geniuses.

1. This LED bench changes color over time.

© Buchiro1 / reddit  

2. In some cafes, straws are made of metal instead of plastic.

© globos187 / reddit  

3. A convenient tool to teach your child how to correctly hold a pencil at an early age…

© aliexpress.com  

4. A unique shower head found in a hotel

© Hypernov / reddit  

5. The feeling of flying in a convertible plane!

© samii1010 / reddit  

6. This elementary school has a place for kids to park and lock their scooters.

© HookWard / reddit  

7. The architect of this staircase came up with a beautiful design!

© Far_Influence / reddit  

8. For her dissertation, this girl made a moving copy of the Star Wars BB-8.

© mazlow / pikabu  

9. A self-watering device

© peleg-design  

10. This wallpaper is an excellent optical illusion.

© shop.gyvagrafika  

11. When you step on this elevator, you enter another dimension.

© sarahlopezjorge / instagram  

12. Lamps made with wood and resin

© guideco  

13. The key in back is the greatest thing about this car...

© GAZ21 / pikabu  

14. I wonder if people ever tell him he looks like a steak?

© dpidg / reddit  

15. An idea for the kids!

© notonthehighstreet  

16. A creative idea for Star Trek fans

© threadless  

17. They didn’t have the right heads in stock...

© Significant_Wheel / reddit  

18. A special box that lets customers know if it was tipped over during shipping

© A_Stoned_Wall / reddit  

19. The reflection depends on where you’re standing.

© Papacookie / reddit  

20. Apparently, these lamps are shaped like animals.

© kaku60xyz / reddit  

21. Have you ever seen clear Coca-Cola? It’s available in Japan.

© Morouz / pikabu