21 crazy products that eccentric people will love

People are continually coming up with new product ideas and if you have the financial backing, you can easily get them manufactured. However, a lot of these contraptions seem pretty useless, although if you like whacky ideas you may want to add them to your wish list!

Here's a list of the craziest 21 products to hit the stores... What do you think? Tempted to buy or a complete waste of money?

1. A Zippo lighter that tips its hat whenever you use it

© bennythomson/reddit  

2. Pigeon shoes to make your local flock feel at ease

© ChaykaPyotr/pikabu  

3. A tie that's also an umbrella

© ZiNGeR/pikabu  

4. This is quite cool, but not recommended if you have kids!

© Duffy London/facebook  

5. A tortilla wrap pencil case... We wonder if it's edible?

6. A light switch that's operated by cogs

© culverdrive/imgur  

7. Poo pens at the bargain price of 1€ ($1) 

© Ooks/pikabu  

8. One for social network fans...

© izzygoneyet/imgur  

9. A very big, expensive wine glass - imagine how many bottles you'd need to fill this up!

© GoggleboxPosh/twitter  

10. Plants that hang from the ceiling...

11. A cartoon-style bag!

© OhMyGodItEvenHasAWatermark/imgur  

12. Never run out of toilet roll again!

13.  A multi-spouted teapot...

© nigggles/imgur  

14. Work out whilst you take your baby for a walk

© insight_co_kr/twitter  

15. A fruity pair of headphones

© Endeavor/pikabu  

16. Jurassic jewelry...

© broombear/reddit  

17. A giant comb bicycle stand

18. A visor meets wig to cover any baldness

© kastone/pikabu  

19. A bread roll cushion

20. So you never go to bed alone...

© inboxity.com  

21. A contraption that's supposed to plump up your lips!

© japantrendshop