21 crazy coincidences that were caught on camera

Call it coincidence or destiny, at the end of the day who knows why we all have those moments when we can't believe our eyes (or sometimes luck!). From cracking open eggs to find they're all double-yolkers to walking into an elevator only to discover the carpet matches our outfit...

These rare occurrences can be problematic or hilariously funny as the following selection proves!  What about you?  And, more importantly, did you manage to catch it on camera?  Tell us stories below!

1. This bird recognized its picture

© I_drink_your_tears/reddit  

2. A work of art

© BleedOrange/reddit 

3. Cop vs Statue

© HogNutsJohnson/reddit  

4. Turn right if you're heading to the Moon

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5. A green meteorite

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6. The likelihood of this happening is 0,003%!

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7. A debit card found in Greece that carried the same name, same valid until date and the same first 6 numbers on the card

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8. Imagine if you managed to trap a rare blue lobster

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9. "Has anyone seen my grandma?"

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10. When thunder and lightning strike on one side of a road and not the other!

© Kr4kin/reddit

11. When you and Ken have the same taste in fashion

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12. This guy went fishing and caught the very wallet that he lost 20 years' before!

© F1ngo/reddit  

13. Same image on a truck as on a cell phone!

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14. No, they're not bridesmaids... These ladies all turned up wearing the same dress!

© Debbie Speranza/facebook  

15. So near and yet so far

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16. The Second Coming?

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17. When you realize you once lived during the 19th Century

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18. Triplets or the same taste in fashion?

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19. A wish that was granted

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20. Identical couples

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21. Feline and human chimera eyes!

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