21 consumer ideas and inventions that could map out our future

Do you remember watching Sci-Fi series and wishing that a particular gadget existed?  Do you yearn for a society where gadgets designed to make our lives easier can be found in any store?  Do you rush around all day and wish that companies had facilities that would make your work/eat/sleep routine more manageable?

We're not talking about 'Back to the Future' time travel machines or investing in state of the art smart homes, but the little things in life that can still make all the difference...

The good news is that lots of companies are beginning to introduce designs and concepts that will help us get through our days without going completely crazy!

1. This Copenhagen supermarket has dog houses where you can leave your pooch while you shop!

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2. A gadget that tells you where each product is located in this supermarket

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3. A fresh meat dispenser for when the store is closed

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4. Shopping carts with magnifying glasses so you can easily read ingredient labels

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5. Free crispy bacon samples so you can try before you buy!

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6. Bottles sold in pairs so you can easily mix up a cocktail

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7. Free fruit for kids to promote a healthy diet

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8. A warning sign with integrated dryer to avoid slip hazards

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9. Choose your hand soap in this restroom!

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10. A sushi restaurant with 'before and after eating' soaps!

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11. An easy way to communicate with your server

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12. Another supermarket that attaches 'product locations' to its shopping carts

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13. Chairs in a ski resort that have room for your gear!

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14. Never run out of toilet paper again!

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15. A mesh cover so pips don't fall out when you squeeze a lemon

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16. This cafe will print photos on your coffee!

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17. An iced coffee made up of coffee-flavored ice cubes!

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18. Use your foot to select a floor

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19. Genius space-saving idea

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20. A big seat for adults and a smaller one for kids!

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21. Laptop loans are available in this library

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