21 before and after photos of haircuts that produced a total transformation

Have you ever thought of changing your look and have been wondering about starting with your hair? You may have kept the same cut for years, but your physique and fashion sense is now at odds with your hairstyle.

Maybe you were going through a tough time and let your appearance slip and have now decided to take things in hand. Either way, one of the first things that people notice is our hair, so, if you're thinking of changing your look, check out the amazing transformations below!

1. This barber did an awesome job

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2. The difference is striking

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3. Sometimes it just takes a little cut and bit of gel

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4. From looking worn to looking fresh

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5. When it's time to accept you're no longer a teenager

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6. Much better for hot summer days

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7. He had long hair for 12 years before finally getting his locks chopped off

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8. Haircut and contact lenses

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9. From bed-head to preppy

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10. The beard trim brings this look together

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11. College vs adult life

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12. This guy didn't get his hair cut for 4 years

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13. The short cut shows off his features

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14. Transformation complete!

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15. Ready to start a new job?

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16. Trim the beard and he's ready to go!

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17. Yes, it's the same guy

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18. He can see clearly now!

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19. Great curls, but the shorter version's easier to manage

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20. This cut completely transforms his face

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