20 of the worst cake fails in the history of baking

We love cakes! And we're not talking about a basic chocolate sponge, but ones with icing, tons of cream and that wonderful personal touch to make a celebration even more special! The only glitch?  When you ask a baker to customize a cake only to realize that their intelligence doesn't match their baking skills... Our advice? If you plan to order a cake, make sure you provide really precise instructions - preferably by email or letter!

Maybe they do this for fun or to wreak revenge, but just imagine how you'd feel if you received one of these!

1. Never make a joke when ordering a cake


2. When you ask the baker to copy the USB


A baker who took things too literally

3. Write nothing on the cake


4. One letter can make all the difference


This lady asked for a cap as she was celebrating her graduation... Maybe she ordered it over the phone? 'P' and 'T' are easy to confuse if there's a bad connection!

5. Never email your order using your cell phone!


This Chinese lady ordered a cake for her son's birthday.  As she wasn't good at English, she sent the order by text.  Unfortunately the text arrived in Chinese and the only part the baker could read was 'sent from iPhone'!

6. Yes, brackets matter!

When you want it written in purple but forget to put brackets in the instructions!

7. That'll teach him to be rude


Hell hath no fury like an insulted baker.

8. When the instructions are written on the cake


9. Instructions followed to the letter

Yep, a couple of colons would have helped

10. Feliz cumpleaños

Daniel S.

11. "What do you want on your cake?"


The irony?  There's not a single sprinkle on the cake!

12. Poor coach!

Megan J.

Love the label - 'exquisitely finished by hand...'

13. Message received

We reckon the baker drank those bottles before decorating this cake!

14. Imagine being called 'As Small As Possible'

Looks like someone's also sampled the icing too!

15. "I promise I won't be late."

What's the deal with the photo of a cake on the cake?

16. Words fail us...

Emily S.

17. Seeing as Aunt Elsa's pushing 100, we doubt this is a programmer joke!

It basically wishes Aunty Elsa, who lives in Ciseriis and loves polenta, a 'Happy Birthday'! Note to customer: beware of sending emails that could contain code when they're printed out....

18. When the entire email is reproduced

Jessica C.

Apparently the client just wanted a set of scales drawn on the cake, but the baker reproduced the entire email, including the file name of photo and all of the image information! That's a lot to digest!

19. "Are you sure?"

Jenny C.

Hope the 'birthday person' didn't take this too badly!

20. Because Susan's more important?

Source : justsomething