20 unbelievably cute pets that turned up with a present for their owner

Whoever says pets don't 'give back' needs to read on... Yes, they expect cuddles and food, yes they may steal ham roasts from the kitchen table or claw our favorite coat to shreds, but our four-legged friends are also the ones who curl up on our laps and beds when we're feeling blue.

Man's best friend, fur baby... whatever you call yours, we bet they've smothered you in presents by way of thanking you for your love and care.  A dead bird delicately placed at your feet?  A big saliva-covered stick waiting on your bed? They may be gifts that end up in the garbage, but as the saying goes 'it's the thought that counts!'

Here are 20 generous pets who presented their owner a somewhat unexpected offering!

1. This cuter than cute puppy took a flower home from his walk

2. This dog's wants to give his owner a smile - using their dentures of course!

3. Meet Mr. Slash. He offers a flower to his owner every night!

4. It may be a clod of earth, but it took a lot of effort to dig up and carry home!

5. Because he also wants to show off his gardening skills

6. Golden Retrievers are such Romeos!

7. "Whilst I was drinking my morning coffee, my dog came running in and put 'this' on my carpet.  I've still no idea where he found it!"

8. "I have a really busy day at work today, but my dog has other ideas."

9. "My neighbor was having a barbecue in his garden and suddenly my cat turned up at my window..."

10. " Here's Zoey's cushion. If she likes you, she'll bring it over to show you.  But be warned - you're not allowed to touch it, just look!"

11. Home after a long, hard day hunting... leaves!

12. "My dog found a tenner and brought it home to me!"

13. "My friend's a young mom. My dog went over and gave her this!" 

14. Every morning Henry the cat gives his toy mouse to his owner - as if he's spent the whole night hunting it down! 

15. "I was playing ball with my dog and he suddenly came running back with this tiny tortoise instead of his ball!"

16. "My dog gives presents to everyone who comes to my home.  It's usually a toy, if not she'll drag her bed to the front door.  Sometimes it'll be a shoe that I left lying around in the hall..."

17. "I can't find a stick, but maybe this 'mini-tree' will do?"

18. "My sister's cat brought her a dead bird that turned out to be very much alive."

19. "Cats usually bring home dead animals.  I think my cat's trying to tell me something..."

20. "My wife's pregnant, but something tells me my dog doesn't want a bigger family..."