20 things that should have never existed

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn't forgive some of the insane ideas that people have come up with. From false nails in the form of cigarette butts to headless teddy bears, we can't bring ourselves to believe that these 'inventions' were a commercial success!

If you don't believe us, just check out this list of 20 things that should have never existed! Badly made, useless or a bizarre attempt to create a new trend, you have to admit that sometimes it's a crazy world out there! What about you?  Any weird items that you'd like to add to the list?  Share your comments with us below!

1. A cheap way to give your kid nightmares!

© Tsardines/Imgur  

2. Because a sea view makes all the difference?

© Freem8888/Pikabu  

3. Yours for the princely sum of $3,000!!!

© whatshisname.co.uk  

4. We prefer a more 'classic' design

© uglydesign  

5. A way to stop your coworkers from hearing your long nails tap on the keyboard...

© GadgetsGo/YouTube  

6. This one's kinda funny... 

© ThatOneCreepyGirl/Imgur  

7. The least attractive manicure a girl could have!

© Gorelover666/Reddit  

8. Because 'ostrich legs' are this season's must-have?

© tatasarefine/Imgur  

9. One for jigsaw puzzle-lovers... But only if you have the patience to put this floor together, not to mention keeping it clean!

© Imgur  

10. Would you dare sit down on this?

© Guzide?/Twitter  

11. When a crazy cat lady takes things to another level!

© Pikabu  

12. How to make guests feel really unwelcome when they pop over for a cup of tea...

© Dennis Shields/Saatchi Art  

13. Oh the irony...

© Amazon  

14. And this is supposed to be cool?

© Zeustah-/Reddit  

15. Any ideas?  It's actually a gadget that only allows the listener to hear you!

© Hushme/Kickstarter  

16. It may be cozy, but that's about all!

© NinaMole360/Imgur  

17. Really creepy packaging!

© temperamentalfish/Reddit  

18. 'Harlequin' leggings should be banned!

© opusteno  

19. Why? Someone please explain this to us...

© sergeant7/Pikabu  

20. Oh my... We understand that popping bubble wrap is fun, but seriously, 'squeezing zits'???

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