20 surprises that came out of ordinary things

Curiosity keeps us alert, and when we aren’t fully satisfied, we’re always looking for more. Some people are more curious than others, and those are the people who go on long trips to discover the beauty of this country and others.

Curiosity is evident in all areas. It translates into our thirst for learning, understanding, seeing, and feeling. Although sometimes we’re less curious, it never really disappears, and it comes back when you least expect it. It allows you to discover new things, like the people below did!

1. When you find a pearl in your oyster!

© aegri_mentis / Reddit  

2. “I left a hot mug upside-down on the top of my plastic tablecloth.”

© cannedSpaghet / Reddit  

3. A rainbow-colored pepper isn’t something you see every day!

© newtoredditguy1 / Reddit  

4. There’s one egg inside another…

© Pit_Mosh / Reddit  

5. And just like that, this bird can change from black to pink!

© grandmasaurus / Reddit  

6. This cocoon sewed the fabric of the chaise longue together to protect itself!

© biglanga / Reddit  

7. When you find a burnt waffle in the bag of charcoal...

© ValienteSteps / Reddit  

8. This kitten has thumbs!

© bananamoonpies / Reddit  

9. The London Eye fits perfectly in this window!

© Jezep / Reddit  

10. This log looks like Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.

© beerlyqualified / Reddit  

11. When your nails are painted the same color as the interior of the bus…

© pixiemarti / Reddit  

12. This flower is absolutely perfect!

© BeardedGlass / Reddit  

13. This tree trunk found in the garden looks like a giant mushroom…

© G_Kstdtm / Reddit  

14. This building blends beautifully into the sky!

© magic9669 / Reddit  

15. The inside of this cookie looks like a beehive!

© RoxyKubundis / Reddit  

16. This tree swallowed a road sign!

© -CharacterX- / Reddit  

17. There’s a tiny clementine inside a larger one!

© Steven799 / Reddit  

18. Only one of these bananas is ripe.

© gsmaciel / Reddit  

19. This leaf must be handled with care!

© girlswannabetracer / Reddit  

20. This grilled onion was left on the grill overnight, and it started to sprout!

© Barajasjayr / Reddit