20 super-stylish and very practical inventions

How often have you cursed because your headphone wires keep getting tangled? We know about reclining chairs, but what about reclining sofas? Are you curious to know more? Every day designers across the world come up with ideas to make our lives easier.

Their inventions may not be ground-breaking, but they do make our days less stressful, and, if you're like us, you'll be dying to get your hands on or benefit from the following awesome inventions!

1. Great if you have a wall-mounted TV

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2. No more tangled wires

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3. A hotel that understands its connected patrons

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4. Practical and pleasing to look at

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5. A fun design

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6. 14 wheels!

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7. Save water while washing your hands

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8. A handle with integrated hand sanitizer

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9. This train has mirrors so you can keep an eye on your baggage

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10. We love this corner chair!

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11. Super-practical way of ensuring patient information is correctly monitored

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12. Who said cables are ugly?

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13. Kiss goodbye to pens and pencils rolling off your desk

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14. Pretend you're a Samurai warrior while you cook

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15. Because crabs are cool

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16. Multi-tasking kitchen sink

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17. An airport with a mini dog park

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18. No more cumbersome maps

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19. Roulette-inspired baggage collection

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20. An optical illusion works just as well as the real thing!

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