20 super-cool upcycling ideas

Some people refuse to throw things in dumps. Why? Because they're upcycling geniuses who prefer to give objects a second lease of life rather than throw them in the trash. And the results are often awesome! Being waste not, want not fans, they will try their hand at transforming anything and their creative minds put the rest of us to shame!

So, if you need some inspiration, here's a glimpse at just some of the amazing inventive things you can try. In fact, these are so cool, you'd be forgiven for thinking they're new and not items that were on the point of ending up in the local dump...

1. Once upon a time these stored oil

© TDKMacassete / Twitter  

2. How many household items can you see in this bird?

© dittidot / Reddit  

3. Turn a plane's engine into a BBQ!

© mosmangal / Pikabu  

4. An upcycled piano

© trinity_lee / Reddit  

5. Never throw away old Nintendo controllers

© Joel-Final / Reddit  

6. One for geeks - awesome idea!

© sparaticRyan / Reddit  

7. Never throw away your favorite T-shirts

© Liv_NB / Reddit  

8. Wickerwork-style chairs made from old tires

© dillonmcdoodle / Reddit  

9. A phoenix made from old CDs!

© VerGuy / Reddit  

10. Turn an old wine barrel into a wine bar

© bsap8 / Reddit  

11. A hard drive bench!

© Knucklephuck / Reddit  

12. A pen to go with the notebook!

© philcfm19 / Reddit  

13. When old escalators become the ceiling

© pyramid-stage / Reddit  

14. A comic book wedding bouquet!

© DudeFoods / Reddit  

15. Old newspapers that were turned into pencils

© themaggic / Reddit  

16. An old coin armchair

© gnomic_fox / Reddit  

17. Boat hulls turned into hangars!

© Proteon / Reddit  

18. Before and after!

© flyjumper / Reddit  

19. A cutlery bouquet!

© pirateismynextcareer / Reddit  

20. A reading chair

© hcherie92 / Reddit