20 startling hairstyles that redefine the concept of a 'bad hair day'

Hairdressing is an art that takes years to perfect.  It requires precision, creativity and the ability to know what best suits a client.  Add to that trends and customers' personal preferences - not forgetting that botched hairstyles aren't easy to rectify!

Here are 20 photos of styles that range from avant-garde to simply horrendous - which one wins your vote? 

1. "I love Batman - could you trim my beard into a bat shape please?"

© AyeshahFrj / imgur  

2. "My daughter loves LEGO and I want to surprise her with a LEGO toy cut!"

© growingupblack / tumblr  

3. "I asked for layers... I think this hairdresser must have been the salon's trainee..."

© a1studmuffin / reddit   © neorantex  

4. No, this guy doesn't have a weird shaped head....  A love of acorns, maybe?

© riceball_46 / twitter   © 20th Century Fox  

5. When you tell your barber to do what he likes... and then realize he doesn't like you that much!

© bysinkaby / pikabu  

6. We're not sure if this is genius or too weird to be cool...

© willw60 / reddit  

7. "People do tell me I have an egg-shaped head, so I thought why not make the most of my natural features?"

© Fleer57 / reddit  

8. What do you think?  Is this real hair or a very clever tattoo?

© 3193s4 / reddit  

9. A 'flattop' taken to a whole new level - excuse the pun!

© cubanb407 / reddit  

10. When you manage to stand out from the crowd, but sadly for the wrong reason

© HughJefincock / reddit  

11. On a positive note, at least this will keep his face nice and warm during winter!

© Irishguy1131 / reddit  

12. "I want a colorful and unusual cut that also scares people to death!"

© ShibbyBacon / imgur  

13. When someone only does things by halves...

© Scurvylizard / imgur  

14. Because strawberries are his favorite fruit...

© Winterrrmute / imgur  

15. When your child wants to look like his grandad...

© unknown author / reddit  

16. Pudding bowl? Mushrooms? Not quite sure what they were trying to achieve...

© CaptainMinty / reddit   © allywally89 / reddit  

17. Davy Crockett meets frothy cappuccino meets rapper...

© unknown author / imgur  

18. Imagine going to see a movie and finding yourself sat behind this lady!

© unknown author / imgur  

19. Clever idea, but what happens when he puts on another shirt?

© ceddlaflare/Reddit  

20. Words fail us...

© Vaheirr/Imgur