20 situations flat-chested girls struggle with everyday

When you look at your chest, do you relate more to Vanessa Paradis than to Kim Kardashian?

Just know that you’re not alone. There are thousands of women in your shoes. Certainly, a small chest allows you to do some things that would be impossible with a bigger chest. But for some women, they aren’t always easy to live with.

That's why we wanted to list 20 situations that only flat-chested women can understand, for example, trying to wear a strapless bra that won’t stay in place!

1. Most dresses are too big in the chest... 


2. Low-cut shirts clearly weren’t made for you, because they let your bra show.


3. You can't wear a strapless dress without spending the entire night hoisting it up. 

24danielle84 / Via instagram.com

4. Most of you have a complex about your small chest, especially if you have a friend who has more than you and you’re jealous!


5. Wearing a full-coverage bra leaves the dreaded bra cup gap... 


6. Sports bras are not at all useful to you, but you still persist in wearing them.


7. You can’t keep your cell phone in your bra, because it will fall to your waist!


8. If you’re wearing a big top, when you bend over, everyone gets a show of what’s going on inside.


9. Kim Kardashian-style contouring on your chest leaves more marks on your T-shirts than any visible results.

Natalie Boucher / youtube.com

10. It's hard to lie to your date when he takes off your lingerie!


11. As soon as you go on a diet to lose your hips, the first thing you lose is what's left of your breasts.


12. If you drop food on yourself when eating, it will stain you twice as much: once on your top, and again on your pants or skirt, because your chest isn’t big enough to stop the fall!

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13. Removable padding is a joke, because it doesn’t stay in place and always falls. 


14. Going braless is never an option.


15. When you lie on your back, you might as well be on your stomach. 


16. Your strapless bra will be at your waist at least 10 times during the day...


17. It’s rare to find a bikini whose top AND bottom both fit!

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18. Padded swimsuits dry half as fast as others, and people notice it immediately!

kranberry21188 / Via instagram.com

19. Stuffing your bra with tissues is a very bad idea, especially in summer: you’ll sweat twice as much!


20. Wearing short or tight shirts if you have a flat belly makes you look like a teenager who’s still growing.


Anyway, know that just like for men, it’s not the size that counts, but the way you use them (not to be crude). Only the eyes of others are an obstacle to your beauty. Don’t worry about it anymore!