20 sidesplitting photos of kids stealing the show at weddings

Weddings are wonderful, but sometimes they can be a trial!  Finding yourself sat next to someone you despise, being forced to smile for post-ceremony photos when all you want to do is pee, standing forever, sweating like a pig because its 96° in the shade, dripping wet because you forgot your umbrella, propping up your drunk friend... But no matter, your loved one's tying the knot, so you go with the flow to ensure they have the happiest day of their life. The only glitch?  Kids!  We love 'em, but if there's one species on Earth that can't hide its boredom, it's our little ones.  We can bribe them with chocolate or give them toys to while away the time, but when they decide they've had enough, we're left fighting an uphill battle.  

Here are 20 photos of bored kids that will be etched in the bride and groom's memory and get you rolling in the aisles...

1. "OMG, what's she done???" *facepalm*

2. "Quick, time to escape whilst they're concentrating on their vows!"

3. Ceilings and smartphones, what more could a bored kid want?

4. "I thought it was snow..."

5. "Look what I bought at Disneyland!"

6. "Think I'm gonna barf..." 

7. "I just can't take it anymore..."

8. "I don't care if it's the wedding of the century.  I want cake!"

9. "Why the suit?  I looked great in my T-shirt and jeans!"

10. A floor-twerking toddler.  Maybe he had a sneaky sip of champagne?

11. "How dare you look up my mom's dress!"

12. "You want the rings?  Here are your frickin' rings!"

13. "Get a room, you're PDA's are SO embarrassing!"

14. Before and after... Boy, if looks could kill!

15. " Please, I really want to go home."

16. "Enough is enough already!"

17. Thank Heavens for quick-acting dads!

18. "Who gave YOU permission to take the photo?"

19. Just truckin' along... 

 20. We're wondering if she ate it afterwards...