20 shots that prove it isn’t easy being a parent

Being a good parent is complicated. And you know you can’t travel the long and difficult road of parenthood without hitting a few pot holes. And the term "good parenting" can have different meanings, depending on how you want to raise your child or children.

What does it mean to be a good parent? More than anything, it means protecting your child no matter what. Sometimes, however, it isn’t easy to be a “good parent” all the time. The pictures below are proof!

1. When your child has more energy than you!

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2. He didn’t even have the strength to get out of his daughter's room.

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3. Soda is too sweet, so sometimes you have to play a little trick.

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4. “Why do boys always have to fight?!”

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5. It's so cute to let your child sleep in your bed, but it's also a source of stress…

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6. “Mom, are we allowed to have a horse in the house?”

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7. When you promised to take care of the baby…

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8. It’s just something Dad uses for work…

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9. This dad decided to see how loud his baby’s screams actually were.

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10. He’s still too young to know how to put things away...

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11. “I just wanted to be like my mom and cook!”

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12. When you have a strange pregnancy... in the leg instead of the belly.

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13. You're never really alone when you have a child…

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14. Is it a child or a cat?

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15. “We eat with our mouths, not our feet, my dear!”

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16. Maybe the book will be better if it’s wet.

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17. Looks like Santa may be a little late with the presents this year.

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18. Yum, a baby’s face with ketchup!

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19. Like father, like son.

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20. When your child draws a picture of you and exposes you to the world...