20 shocking design fails

We all make mistakes, but some fails are so bad that they're shocking! From hilarious to dangerous, there some designers or fitters out there who should seriously think about a career change!

If you don't believe us, then check out these 20 epic design fails, ranging from deceptive packaging to workers who clearly don't give a damn about their job...

1. When the handle's heavier than the pan

© 2isAPrimeNumber / reddit  

2. Was it really too hard to line this up?

© phlofy / reddit  

3. So does it have batteries or not?

© Front Pager / reddit  

4. Oops! One of these brushes is missing something...

© f9yz / reddit  

5. This bowling alley in Bangkok… A hippo poops returned balls!

© SonnGoku / reddit  

6. White lettering on a yellow background...

© thatneutralguy / reddit  

7. The handle is part of the container so be prepared for burned fingers if you drink from this mug!

© Amazonit / reddit  

8. Why put bananas in plastic packaging? 

© radioactivecowz / reddit  

9. Because there are 9 days in a week?

© Ryans2k / reddit  

10. If you just read the word on the first window...

© generationfire / reddit  

11. An un-a-maze-ing maze

© terchon / reddit  

12. Poop-style tiles decorate this public restroom!

© edvind / reddit  

13. Seriously?

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14. How do two wheels make it faster to surf?

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15. So what do you think this company's called?

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16. Weird place to put the watch motif!

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17. Imagine trying to read this sign as you zoom down this 6-lane freeway

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18. Ouch, this playground slide must really hurt!

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19. Good luck if you try this!

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20. Be warned - this is a decorative waterfall and not a staircase!

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