20 ridiculous photos of people with crazy ideas

How do you protect your flip-flops? By keeping them on your feet, for one. Actually, what most people do and what the people below do are two different things. Because some people think that to prevent flip flops from getting stolen, you have to lock them up like a bike.

Obviously, this idea is completely preposterous. In this gallery, you’ll notice that these kinds of ideas are an everyday occurrence to the people below, who don’t necessarily have the same concept of the world as the rest of us. They might be a little crazy...

1. To save space… or to make deliveries right to the correct floor!

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2. Half man, half tree trunk

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3. In India, you have to keep your flip flops safe!

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4. The goal is not only to skate forward, but also to turn!

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5. It's magic - the spikes are part of this person's head!

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6. Who came up with this?

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7. To keep their fingers from getting dirty, the English will go to great lengths! How refined.

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8. Must be a fan of Nicolas Cage!

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9. DJ Trash Metal introduces himself and will be happy to come to your wedding... in a trash can!

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10. The next time your kid asks where the end of the rainbow is, just bring up this picture.

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11. BBQ lovers, this is for you!

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12. This woman has no body, just legs and a head

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13. We knew about chocolate-covered bananas, but this?

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14. I picked up a chick in high heels tonight…

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15. This cactus is cooler than school!

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16. When you confuse cereal with thumbtacks...

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17. There’s even a “NYC Taxi Drivers” calendar!

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18. Had to explain to grandma that USB drives don’t need to be charged…

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19. “Oh delete it! I was sticking my tongue out!”

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20. The short cut to 8-pack abs!

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