20 professionals who may want to think about a career change

Sometimes we give DIY a miss and call in a pro to fix our plumbing problems or employ an interior designer to redo our house, only to find that the end result is not at all what we expected! Shoddy workmanship... A problem that people all over the world have to face. It may be due to a lack of skills or simply a matter of sheer stupidity or laziness.

From bad construction to incomprehensible advertising, there's only one thing we can do - facepalm and remind ourselves that tomorrow is another day!

1. Seriously? What if a wheelchair user needs to get past this?

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2. Perfectionists look away now!

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3. Either they were drunk or wanted to seek revenge!

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4. Was it so difficult?

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5. One helluva doorstep!

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6. Ouch! How to make passengers feel very unwelcome

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7. Gazing into your girlfriend's eyes...

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8. Who cares as long as it works?

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9. Ever heard a barking cat?

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10. It was too much to ask

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11. A very tight squeeze

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12. Almost in the right place!

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13. The strangest animals you'll ever see

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14. When your architect does this

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15. Who would take the time to note this down?

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16. Would you be tempted to turn this fan on just to see what happens?

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17. When someone hates their job

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18. Enjoy your bike ride!

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19. Another completely useless access ramp

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20. A small light would have been enough

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