20 pictures that show how the passage of time changes things

Time leaves its mark, even though we barely notice it from day to day. We would like it to slow down, so we can take advantage of the present moment and stop getting older. Even though when we’re teenagers, all we can think about is becoming an adult.

However, time leaves its mark on everything, even on objects, copper statues, dollar bills, and on a great staircase. Then, one fine day, we notice aging on something we never noticed before. Here are some pictures of things that time didn’t leave behind…

1. St. Peter’s foot at the Vatican after centuries of being touched by pilgrims

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2. “My dad bought the wallet on the right 25 years ago and just got a new one.”

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3. The difference between a hundred old and new $1 bills!

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4. “A knife used by my great-grandfather, then my grandmother, then her daughters…”

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5. “Here’s a manhole cover on a sidewalk in New York City!”

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6. A sunken lane in France — for centuries, it was used for thousands of trips by merchants and soldiers.

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7. “I bought these caps on the same day! The one on the left was worn almost every day, unlike the one on the right, which has been stored in a closet.”

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8. Worn stairs in Petra, Jordan

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9. The Queen’s guard’s boots after a year of public duties at Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Palace, Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and more...

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10. A remote control used by a non-smoker on the left compared to one used by a smoker on the right

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11. There used to be a lawn here.

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12. “My father has carried this coin in his pocket every day for over 60 years!”

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13. “My brother and I each got identical teddy bears when we were born. I used mine just a bit more...”

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14. “Here are 2 pairs of identical sandals I bought 17 years ago! The ones on the left have never been worn.”

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15. The floor of a hair salon after many years of use

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16. The brush on the left used to look like the one on the right…

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17. “I’ve been wearing the belt on the right every day for 10 years ...”

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18. This step is starting to collapse at Gloucester Cathedral.

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19. A root on the trail up to a waterfall in Thailand — obviously, people always step in the same spot.

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20. “Here’s my new headlight, compared to the old one.”

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