20 pictures of everyday objects under a microscope

Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to recognize any of the images below. There’s a good reason for it – they were all taken under a microscope. We use these devices to observe what makes up the things we see every day.

We all know that their contents often have nothing to do with their shapes. Are you going to guess what each image is? We’ll help you, but you should know that some of them are pretty surprising!

1. Muscle tissue, recognizable by its red color!

© b_lumenkraft / reddit  

2. The surface of a strawberry

© BunyipPouch / reddit  

3. The eye of a fruit fly, which belongs to the family Drosophilidae

© thatSEMguy / reddit  

4. Chalk, which is actually the accumulation of ancient plankton skeletons

© WelshTractor / reddit 

5. An eye? No, it’s the tip of a ballpoint pen.

© subtyler / reddit  

6. Diving down into it makes it all the more beautiful... This is a tooth, not a lunar landscape!

© Pinesin / imgur  

7. 2-day old Zebrafish larvae

© jaykirsch / reddit  

8. The grooves of a vinyl record!

© Addaddie / reddit  

9. A butterfly’s wing!

© Ometrist / reddit  

10. You’ll never see your eyelashes the same way again!

© aminessuck / reddit  

11. The grass in your yard seems so happy!

© lvvlDellyBellylvvl / reddit  

12. A mosquito’s foot

© e_l_foto / reddit  

13. Up close and personal with an LCD screen

14. The cut stem of a rose

© Edorelia / reddit  

15. Ants are pretty funny when you look at them up close.

16. A cat’s tongue under a microscope... it looks like lots of smaller tongues!

© caspar2632 / reddit  

17. Phytoplankton

18. Sand – look at all the different shapes!

© rednibass / reddit  

19. A needle and thread

© MicroScan/EAST NEWS  

20. Human hair

© Jason Burns/ Dr. Ryder / EAST NEWS