20 photos where there’s more going on than it might seem

Somehow, we often manage to take a beautiful but very unremarkable photo. There’s nothing special about it. It will be fine in an album or in a folder on our computer, but nothing more. And then, sometimes, there is one little detail that makes all the difference.

Photographers are always looking for it, and amateurs sometimes find it right in front of their nose. A photo taken at the right time, with the right person, the right expression, or an unexpected event that makes the shot unique. This is the case in the photos below.

1. This ray doesn’t want to miss this show!

© McYay/reddit  

2. The person who ruins the moment a little...

© PorLaConchetumadree//facebook  

3. Next time hire another photographer or make sure he knows how to focus!

© unknown author/imgur  

4. High school is over! Now time to focus on finding a man!

© Hey_Its_Anelle/twitter  

5. We’ll let you find the unexpected person in this photo.

© Ferbach/reddit  

6. The drummer is in his own little world, while the guitarist is about to be hit in the face with a hot dog!

© ChemicallyCompounded/reddit  

7. But what’s the guy in the background doing?

© MaryJaneSunshine/imgur  

8. Yes, the hair… but we’re wondering what’s going on with the guy on the bike?

© Jus_Stu/twitter  

9. The Monopoly guy came to the trial.

© ImNotLeet/reddit  

10. Love is when your boyfriend holds your head so you can drink lying down.

© baddiesfound/twitter  

11. This couple will remember this photo for a long time…

© __aled/twitter  

12. “No foul, play on!”

© anknown author/reddit  

13. There is no more magical moment than this!

© mlkevazovsky/pikabu 

14. “So, can I have my treat now?”

© unknown author/reddit  

15. When you want to send your son to the other side of the world…

© 99LS1SS/imgur  

16. How long will it take you to find the dog in the auditorium?

© theloudlaugh/imgur 

17. Taking a selfie of another selfie!

© unknown author/reddit 

18. “Not sure which is funnier – the photobomber or the wedding party’s faces.”

© Wix/twitter 

19. The look of an older brother at his younger sister’s wedding is priceless.

© LukaCat/reddit  

20. Today she’s laughing about it…

© BryanwithaY/reddit