20 photos where luck has gone astray

Life isn't all that bad. Seriously, trust us... Once you've seen the following, you may think twice about complaining. We all have bad days, but some people seem to attract bad luck.

Things go wrong out of the blue and through fault of their own. All they can do is survey the damage and accept that nothing can be done. When disaster strikes, all we can do is tell ourselves that tomorrow is another day...

1. Look on the positive side... This could make a great beach buggy!

© Sanguecaldo / reddit  

2. At least the fawcets are intact

© 5n4k3 / imgur  

3. When you're only half awake

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4. Always check that a snake hasn't snuck into your pants

© unknown / imgur  

5. Always close your sunroof

© AcidCow  

© AcidCow  

6. When your day goes from bad to worse

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7. When construction workers don't leave a warning sign.

© pikabu  

8. Playing catch the tire

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9. Small cars are useful if you need to park in a cramped space

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10. Have you ever eaten flambéed pasta?

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11. Maybe they just wanted to see how it works?

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12. Eat it? Wipe it up?

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13. Made to measure shower

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14. Interior decoration taken to a whole new level

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15. The day he finished painting his new house

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16. What would you do next?

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17. She wanted another Apple logo on her Mac

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18. Turn it into a basketball hoop

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19. When you don't realize how much a filled jacuzzi weighs

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20. At least their clothes will be dry...

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