20 photos of things every city should do

We should never stop progress, even in the most precise details of everyday life.

Every city strives to improve the lives of its citizens. This happens with little improvements and facilities they install. Some municipalities even think about little ducks in their lakes and ponds.

Here are 20 photos of smart inventions in cities.

1. A composter for dog poop

© moon-doggy / reddit

2. LED stoplights to warn drivers in the distance…

© IngvarrSchulz / imgur

3. A bicycle escalator to help cyclists go up steep hills

© Diego Delso / wikipedia, © Diego Delso / wikipedia

4. A rack to separate plastic bottles from other trash

© unknown / imgur

5. Easily accessible priority seats

© Earnock / reddit

6. Benches that can turn into tables when needed

© hotforhotpie / reddit

7. A ramp built so ducks can easily get into the water

© JawsGoneWild / reddit

8. A card that gives seniors and disabled people longer time to cross the street

© LTA singapore / Youtube

9. A wheelchair access mat to the beach

© kalinkabeek / reddit

10. Bike ramps to roll your bike up steps without having to lift it

© Human02211979 / reddit

11. A button to let the bus driver know that you want the bus to stop

© Olo-Meister / reddit

12. A stand for cyclists to hold onto when the traffic light is red

© medmik / reddit

13. A speeding ticket robot

© SRI International / Youtube

14. ...so that people wearing heels can walk over the grates safely

© shutterstock.com

15. Instructions for how to use the bench to get some exercise

© cyclemonster / reddit

16. A water fountain that tells you how many bottles have been saved by using it

© MurrayTh3Dream / reddit

17. “Women only” parking spaces in Germany

© louis_xl / reddit

18. Foot-operated hand sanitizer on the street

© 2ndSuckz / reddit

19. A pay phone booth converted into a defibrillator station

© Egreaves14 / reddit

20. A water fountain for dogs

© pie_ella / reddit