20 photos taken at exactly the right moment

Even bad pictures can be creative. They can be unique in more ways than one. Especially when something happens at the exact moment it was taken.

This is an example of photographer’s luck, and it doesn’t matter if he or she is an amateur or a professional. Just getting that little boost of fate that captures a once in a lifetime moment. That magic can be seen below, and it shows in a different way each time ...

1. A perfect announcement, until you see the kids’ reactions...

© unknown / reddit 

2. Either the server forgot something, or he’s close to a catastrophe. Or some kid is grabbing his crotch.

© starkytyke / Imgur  

3. No, he isn’t jealous, just tired...

© Scott Barbour / Stringer  

4. “Now that it’s just us, I’m telling you, I hate you!”

© LeButtman / Imgur  

5. There's nothing better than being photobombed by Michael Cera.

© tresis55 / reddit  

6. “Let me see, is this bone good?”

© unknown / reddit  

7. This best man realizing that the woman he always dreamed about is marrying his best friend.


8. Sometimes the words are written right on your face...

© DedRuck / reddit  

9. He realizes that he’s no longer the baby…

© gypsy_love / reddit  

10. “How do I look with hair?”

© Streetmix / reddit  

11. “What? I’m not allowed to cuddle with the kitty?”

© emoposer / reddit  

12. Her look is more like jealousy than admiration...

© Otherwhere / reddit  

13. Apparently this cat is hungry.

© Parquay / Imgur  

14. When a truck is hauling away the sun.

© Diginixy / reddit  

15. It’s ok. You’ll find your own one day!

© Wikmeister / reddit  

16. When Homer is about to come out of the TV…

© VladislavMiloslav / reddit  

17. “Hey big brother, can I have just one bite?”

© BrookeCyphers / Imgur  

18. The difference between hitting the jackpot – and not.

© Paddywhacker / reddit  

19. The moment when you realize that you’re no longer the only child.

© littlemonky / reddit  

20. This woman has lost control...

© saucywaters / reddit