20 photos that sum up Dubai's jet set lifestyle

For many of us, Dubai is synonymous with wealth. Numerous millionaires and billionaires live there or have it on their favorite vacation list - and they love showing off their riches!

Being wealthy is the norm and everywhere you turn, you'll see luxury items and people dripping in jewels. From fancy cars to private jets, you'll even find vending machines where you can buy... gold bullion!

1. Who collects the ball if it goes way out of court?

2. Gold phones for sale in this Dubai airport

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3. Even the cops drive luxury cars

4. How to avoid traffic jams

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5. Why take a bus when you can hop on a helicopter?

6. Unless, of course, you prefer taxis

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7. Private parking, Dubai-style

8. If you're not scared, why not go swimming with sharks?

9. A million-dollar cake!

10. We weren't lying when we mentioned gold bullion!

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11. Robocop!

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12. At this hotel all patrons receive a gold iPad

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13. Flying with your pets is never a problem

14. Ever seen a real gold car?

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15. The heaviest gold ring in the world

16. Fancy some gold leaf-covered desserts?

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17. Only if you have a head for heights!

18. Someone to carry your bags...

19. Life above the clouds...

20. This number plate cost a whopping 9 million dollars!

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