20 photos that show how hard life is for tall people

What is the average height for humans? About 5’3” for women and 5’9” for men. And the whole world seems to be based on these numbers. This causes some inconvenience for those who are just a bit taller.

Their lives are suddenly more difficult, because the world wasn’t designed with them in mind. As long as they don’t take things too seriously, it must not be so easy to be taller than everyone else. See for yourself...

1. “I hear the view is beautiful...”

© Thats2bad4u001 / Reddit  

2. “Welcome to my life.”

© Max_farsteps / Reddit  

3. Flying isn’t easy when you’re tall…

4. When 3 problems come together at once: a small bathroom, a tall man, and a poor design.

© andrew80 / Reddit  

5. Sometimes on the bus, you have to make it work.

© Amerphose / Reddit  

6. Here’s a smart solution for this kind of problem…

© fattehboi / Reddit  

7. When you have long legs and there’s no legroom…

© Patbach / Reddit  

8. I get honked at a lot, because I can only see the road and not the traffic lights.

© weezeface / Reddit  

9. When your doctor has to measure you this way, you might be a little too tall.

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10. Is the ceiling too low or is this guy too tall?

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11. It's easier for him to dust up there…

12. At least your feet get some fresh air!

© benstandingnexttothings / Tumblr  

13. Tall people also have problems in the shower.

14. Fortunately, today's fashion makes it ok to wear clothes that are too short.

© WeirdFishes__Arpeggi / Reddit  

15. It’s not easy to do your makeup when you're too tall.

© Kidsoftcage / Reddit  

16. When you think you’ll be in the picture, but no.

© lionzeye / Reddit  

17. We should invest in bigger chairs!

© SmoothMoveExLap / Reddit  

18. It's time to trim these trees.

© Tallnotstrong / Reddit  

19. Hence the convenience of having a sunroof…

© joe28eiid / Reddit  

20. It’s better to shower anyway, right?

© benstandingnexttothings / Tumblr