20 photos that show how hard it is to be a wedding photographer

There’s one type of photographer who has no room for errors: wedding photographers. Their whole job is about capturing the happiest day in a couple's life, and more than anything else, not disappointing them! These self-respecting professionals have a huge weight on their shoulders, but they usually handle it pretty well.

Some of them are true specialists in wedding photos. They have original and creative ways to stage these moments of happiness. We invite you to check out these images which definitely have their place in wedding photo albums.

1. A photographer should never be afraid to get his shirt wet ... or his feet.

Chris Chambers

2. The end result is worth all the effort, but being a photographer can be a risky job!

Phil Brick

3. You have to be able to get a great shot no matter what position you’re in.


4. Sometimes you have to be part of a group to get the right shot!

Chup Anh Cuoi Da Nang

5. The equipment needed to cool off...

Del Sol Photography

6. Never be ashamed of what position you have to get into for the perfect shot...

Daniel Moyer

7. Sometimes the result you get is worth all the effort…

Katy Cook

8. Being a wedding photographer even requires diving skills!

Michel Braunstein

9. It makes you wonder what he’s even doing...

10. You have to know how to be discreet, but still be present at the same time!


11. The bouquet in the foreground - and we imagine the bride and groom in the background.

12. You have to come up with creative ideas!

Wesley Eisenhauer 

13. It’s also about knowing how to stage a scene… and deal with nature.

14. It may be necessary to close the road!

Allison Suter

15. There are also advantages, like discovering gorgeous places!

Del Sol Photography

16. For now, it’s the newlyweds who have to get wet!


17. Flexibility put to the test!

18. They even have to bring stepladders to the most remote locations.

Ao cuoi Ngan Ha

19. The groom can’t be jealous!

20. We never expected this result at all. It just goes to show you that wedding photography is an art.