20 photos that show the happier side of life

It's good to cry and it may be due to joy rather than sadness. We often get moved to tears by happy or touching events. Tears reflect our emotions and we've all had numerous times when a heart-warming moment has made us well up!

We may blub during a romantic movie or while reading a letter. Sometimes a browse through a family photo album is enough to set us off, as we browse through snaps that remind us of an event or someone in particular... Familiar emotions that have been captured in the photos below!

1. You're never too old to enjoy a game of Mario Kart, as seen in this retirement home

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2. When a returning soldier meets his baby for the first time

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3. Holding his new-born...

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4. A telescope for everyone, with views of Jupiter !

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5. This guy jumped into a moving car in order to save his life

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6. These parents are listening to their 23 year-old deceased son's heart after it was transplanted.

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7. "My retired in-laws love Christmas, and love decorating their home. Two weeks ago, a vandal came around and slashed all their lawn inflatables. After they filed the police report, the officer went and purchased new decorations for them out of his own pocket."

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8. The stray cats of Istanbul have hidey-holes dotted around the city!

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9. Everlasting love!

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10. When teamwork is more important than victory

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11. "My girlfriend's brother is autistic and carries his pillow everywhere with him. We went on holiday over Christmas, and him standing on the rocks at the beach made me think of this Caspar David Friedrich painting."

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12. Losing a limb isn't going to stop these girls!

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13. Saving a bird when its feet got stuck on a frozen barrier

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14. At the end of his first exhibition, here's the young artist selling his first painting

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15. Brotherly love!

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16. Three years ago, Shoushi Bakarian was in Lebanon, part of a family of four Syrian refugees facing an uncertain future with hope of making a new start in Canada. Today, she's in her third year of aerospace engineering at Montreal’s Concordia University. 

17. What a joy to watch!

18. A dog holds out its paw to a rescuer

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19. A man who has Down Syndrome dances with mom, who has Alzheimers

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20. This man lost his wife to cancer in 2015. He spread her ashes at the place in Oregon where they spent their honeymoon

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