20 photos that put logic to the test

We've all come across sights or scenes that have put our logic to the test and it's true to say we live in a pretty weird world!

Whether it's Mother Nature getting up to her usual tricks, strange angles that make us do a double take or eccentric people who are happy to show off their kooky side.  From unusual to funny or even stomach-churning, we'll ask ourselves if it's our eyes playing tricks on us, but trust us when we say that there's no Photoshopping in the following selection!

Here are 20 photos that put logic to the test and take 'weird' to a whole new level!

1. A multi-root tooth!

© ZERODONTO/Facebook  

2. A tree stump slice of bread

© iwishmynamewasbrian/Reddit  

3. Because basketballs make good brake light replacements

© 3pGuy/Reddit  

4. When your cat prefers his own tent

© CosmicKeys/Reddit  

5. A question of priorities

© noneEggs/Reddit  

6. A Sci-Fi fan who lives in a polluted city

© fine_shrine/Reddit  

7. Why invest in a laptop when a panini toaster will do?

© breaking_jackpots/Reddit  

8. When wheels prefer to walk

© SadCrab_/Reddit  

9. Squirrels love puppets as much as humans!

© keylimesoda/Reddit  

10. When you want to eat with your friends, but prefer to go al fresco...

© MrMariomans/Reddit  

11. Just a bear in a taxi

© Day3110/Reddit  

12. "When your ex tries to sneak back into your life."

© Phedericus/Reddit  

13. Good luck with that...

© daddywang/Reddit  

14. House swap!

© Saturnix/Reddit  

15. Would you dare go down to this basement?

© farmtree/Reddit  

16. Ever heard of the Faucet brand?

© Aameba/Reddit  

17. Hard to keep your eyes on the road if you're behind this car!

© Lolishit/Reddit  

18. Hide and seek?

© andlaughlast/Reddit  

19. Creepily creative!

© maustin829/Reddit  

20. How long will it take you to 'find' this kid's face?

© ShawermaBox/Reddit