20 photos proving things aren’t always what they seem

The world isn’t always what we think it is, as we sit comfortably on the couch or on the patio. When we travel (sometimes even close to home), we might see some strange things that add some spice to our everyday lives.

For example, you may see a man made of Legos on the subway. Nature also has its share of surprises, like when she produces half a rainbow. You’ll see these and other curiosities below.

1. It’s like getting two images in one!

© _mayo_mayo_mayo / reddit  

2. Did someone paint a cityscape on the wall? No, it's the shadow made by the sun in the library!

© Mitchdavismann / reddit  

3. It is important to choose the right glass...

© AutoStradalec / pikabu  

4. He’s such a loyal customer that they paid tribute to him on the wall...

© SuitingUncle620 / reddit  

5. This grain elevator exploded. The birds are on their way…

© EvoBry / imgur  

6. The shadow is lined up perfectly with the post.

© caitwcam / reddit  

7. This orange is a survivor!

© RedFoxPro / pikabu  

8. A man mad of Legos on the subway (with a hole in his sock)!

© kenaz / pikabu  

9. When you accidentally discover that the remote control you’ve been using for 5 years has other buttons!

© OrangishOrange / reddit  

10. I wouldn’t risk messing up this display.

© ZNAMENATEJLB / pikabu  

11. There seems to be a smiling face on this turtle’s underside!

© prince147 / reddit  

12. It's a cube of meat, not marble!

© golovoeb / pikabu  

13. Just so the washing machine doesn’t get cold!

© Sundey / pikabu  

14. It must do lots of things to cost that much!

© RecentMeeting5 / reddit  

15. “My real nails look just like the nails on my prosthetic leg.”

© LinaRusalka / reddit  

16. “This giant garlic clove grew in my parents' garden.”

© MegaMazeRaven / reddit  

17. Things can be deceiving!

© eddytbh / twitter  

18. This is what happens when you turn a hot mug upside-down on a plastic tablecloth.

© cannedSpaghe / reddit  

19. This playground has a sunscreen dispenser! Perfect for kids!

© yncchick / reddit  

20. This is how your skeleton changes when you have a rounded back...

© Alex58 / pikabu