20 photos that prove timing is everything

You don't become a photographer overnight. But anyone can take the right picture at the right time – the one that puts a whole new twist on the scene. It may be an irresistible, funny shot, but it could also be a scary one, when things take a dramatic turn.

It might be an optical effect that happens when a picture is taken at just the right time and place. Sometimes you end up with the opposite of what you were meaning to get in the shot in the first place. You’ll see such snapshots below.

1. How could I possibly eat it now?

© Carmen Beltran / twitter.com  

2. Honestly, we prefer the real Taylor Swift...

© unknown / imgur.com  

3. Yes, that’s exactly what a baby doesn’t need…

© u/gooddogisgood / reddit.com  

4. Should she be worried that the dog’s face seems to fit?

© chocolatechips / imgur.com  

5. One foot in place of her head and another at the bottom...

© u/n_reineke / reddit.com  

6. It was a vacation bet: copy what’s on your t-shirt in real life.

© acidcow  

7. Is it the same person?

© scadu / imgur.com  

8. A dream body for this little cat…

© unknown / imgur.com  

9. His shirt has a similar pattern as the glue stick.

© u/ihahp / reddit.com  

10. “They’ll never know I’m here.”

© scadu / imgur.com  

11. That was my reaction too, when I saw my dad dressed up as Santa Claus.

© scadu / imgur.com 

12. When the cat is trying to hide…

© Fascinatingpics / twitter.com  

13. Perfect ad placement

© FriendlyAlien / imgur.com  

14. When 2 different license plates complete each other…

© u/ngalfano13 / reddit.com  

15. Czech Airlines…or Czech hairlines?

© OctopussSevenTwo / imgur.com 

16. Welcome, Cat-sus...

© FriendlyAlien / imgur.com  

17. When another poster is aligned perfectly with one for Les Misérables.

© MTheT / imgur.com  


18. Um, no, you actually don’t…

© u/n_reineke / reddit.com  

19. Now we understand a little better...

© d88b / imgur.com 

20. He just came to recharge...

© u/hiredgun85 / reddit.com