20 photos that prove human foolishness is alive and kicking

Have you ever met someone who wanted a washboard stomach, but preferred to get inked rather than work out? What about seeing someone use a toilet drainpipe instead of a motorcycle helmet? Think we're lying?  If so, then read on and feel free to share this hilarious selection with your friends!

Ranging from surprising to dangerous, here's a selection of photos that prove human foolishness is very much alive and kicking!

1. Accident waiting to happen

© ashmaiyah / Instagram  

2. From Sprite to shades. 

© unknown / Imgur  

3. Yep, better a tattoo than going to the gym

© lid-vicious / Reddit  

4. Why replace the wheel when a tree trunk will do?

© xsited1 / Reddit  

5. Wipeout guaranteed

© acidcow.com  

6. How long before the suspension on this car gives up?

© JaredFord / Imgur  

7. When you can't be bothered to drag a mattress upstairs

© acidcow.com  

8. Safety is paramount

© marseletron / Reddit  

9. Great idea, but hope they close the door when it starts to melt

© acidcow.com  

10. One is a mattress, the other is a pillow

© zarnack21 / Imgur  

11.  A walking drive-through

© acidcow.com  

12. DIY stand-up desk

© acidcow.com  

13. At least this will keep it clean

© unknown / Reddit  

14. Don't walk past this building on a windy day

© marseletron / Reddit  

15. Would you dare ride this?

© acidcow.com  

16. When you love camping, but don't have the time to take a vacation

© acidcow.com  

17. So you can navigate your dog around the streets

© Hypnotoasted / Reddit 

18. Added protection...

© acidcow.com  

19. There's no reason why they should miss lunch!

© acidcow.com  

20. Is this for real?

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