20 photos that prove animals know how to strike a pose

As the saying goes 'never work with animals or kids'... No surprise there - both are really difficult to photograph! And then one day, you find your furry friends have discovered their photogenic side and you end up with a shot that would put Annie Leibowitz to shame...

Here are 20 photos of animals that can strike a pose better than Madonna - and the results are amazing!

1. Party of Five - what are the chances of this happening?

Rob MacInnis

2. When pigeons show off their signature rap pose


3. When your herd knows how to perfectly line up


4. Puppy love!

5. Yolo, what's up dude?


6. When your cat wants to update their Instagram profile


7. The cutest way to explain the various stages of sleep: wide awake, dozing off, out like a light.  

Sompob Sasi-Smit

8. "Mmm, let me have a little think..."


9. A multi-cultural friendship! 

Tanja Brandt

10. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go...

11. Windswept manes

Aurel Manea

12. These guys are on a mission!


13. "What do you think of my new bangs?"

14. When your fur babies want to show off their academic side


15. "We expect you to pay us in nuts"

16. "Whatever made you think I was playing in the rain?"


17. When ferals put on their finest winter coats!


18. Alpacas showing off their latest hairstyles

19. True fact: meerkat families are called 'gangs' or 'mobs' - now we know why!

20. Justin Bieber reincarnated as a horse...