20 photos of objects and situations that are almost perfect

Perfection is something unattainable. We can get close to it, but that's about all. Even so, things that approach perfection make most of us feel fuzzy inside. Ditto for when everything goes perfectly.

Perfection is sought by lots of people and when we're on the right track, we'll get that feeling of inner satisfaction. So if you love order, beauty and tidiness, check out the following selection!

1. When a rainbow lights up your home

© /idlewildmtn / Reddit  

2. Just look at those colors!

© OrangePoppy24 / Reddit  

3. So perfectly presented it seems a shame to eat it

© smd345m / Twitter  

4. Believe it or not, this is snow!

© pikkiwokki / Reddit  

5. Artistic air bubbles

© SandraDe / Pikabu  

6. When city planning becomes an art

© arthik / Pikabu  

7. A beautifully maintained garden in the city of Schonbrunn

© theaccessibleworld / Instagram  

8. Perfect placement

© Unknown author / Reddit  

9. Perfection is in the details

10. This almost symmetrical bridge is in the Cuyahoga Valley

© Igoro1 / Imgur  

11. Don't even think about ruffling his hair!

© arkayuu / Reddit  

12. Harder to build than the Leaning Tower of Pisa

© Buffyfanatic / Imgur  

13. Ever seen a cube of salt?

© Unknown author /Imgur  

14. When your shirt perfectly matches the background

© Joeri Bosma / Facebook  

15. Visual merchandising at its best

© NotThatGirl217 / Reddit  

16. Spring at the top, Fall at the bottom

© tormySMommi / Reddit  

17. When shafts of light completely change a staircase

© Unknown author / Reddit  

18. Traces left by a lake that overflowed

© bradyboh / Reddit