20 photos of interesting and amazing natural phenomena

When nature and physics work together in our daily lives, the results can be quite interesting.

Sometimes natural phenomena occur in everyday life, that only science can explain. These phenomena are impressive and offer a glimpse of what life is like in a science lab.

Here are 20 photos that show nature and physics at work.

1. A hunk of soil that turned to glass after it was struck by lightning

© ZakZapp / reddit  

2. When a tree stays in a plastic pot for too long

© Spencezor / reddit  

3. A candle was left outside, and it collected rainwater, which sank to the bottom after the wax was melted by the sun.

© heyagbay / reddit  

4. Here are some spider webs blackened by smoke from a fire pit.

© Briebeecher / reddit  

5. Two cats take the exact same path every day, and you can see the tracks they’ve left behind.

© PickledStink / reddit  

6. This raisin was rehydrated after soaking in hot water overnight.

© Pluto4Planet2016 / reddit  

7. When this guy tilted the toner cartridge (which clearly said, “Do not tilt!”), the ink spilled onto the floor – and you can see right where he was standing.

© jnguy54 / reddit  

8. This man wears the same t-shirt every week when he mows the grass. Now you can see it on his back…

© wrud4d / reddit  

9. Exactly why you should always wear a helmet…

© Kolafie / reddit  

10. This pen melted in a hot car.

© GuillePolancoAmat / reddit   © FISH_HAVE_LEGS / reddit  

11. Unopened soda cans that were left in the car for too long exploded.

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12. This bottle of sparkling water almost exploded.

© xnick58 / reddit  

13. A tree continued to grow, almost completely swallowing a sign.

© mare_incognitum / reddit  

14. A rug has been in the same place for almost a century and is now almost transparent. You can see the ground underneath it.

© Svengelska1990 / reddit  

15. A cat has used this same scratching post for years.

© jrmntr / reddit  

16. A tree leaf devoured by worms

© The_winner_man / reddit  

17. This x-ray shows that the blood circulation to the index finger of a yoyo professional has been disrupted.

© SadTension5 / reddit  

18. Pizza left in the oven for way too long

© daddysnakeboi / reddit  

19. A deep freeze unit that wasn’t completely closed for months made this frost.

© RoderigoMcTaco / reddit  

20. Drops of blood on the sand look like the red blood cells that make it up.

© star_fjord / reddit