20 photos of people showing touching acts of kindness

Helping someone out or being a hero doesn't mean putting on your best Captain America or Black Panther costume and showing off supernatural powers... Sometimes just a tiny act of kindness can save or transform someone's life and we've all had moments when a kind soul has lent us a helping hand in our time of need.

Here are 20 real-life heroes who 'saved the day' by performing touching acts of kindness! 

1. A split-second reflex that no doubt saved this kid's life!

© unknown author/imgur  

2. When you care about what other people eat

© JmannDriver/reddit  

3. When your prank gets more attention than the game!

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4. A kind person who doesn't want you to make the same mistake that they did!

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5. A man determined to treat his family to a new TV and PS4

© basslemonadekhyu/imgur  

6. A company that wants to make sure anyone affected by a storm gets hot food delivered to their door

© TheClassyBeard/twitter  

7. Nothing life-saving, but surely only a superhero could do this?

© TheEmeraldKnight/reddit  

8. This 80 year-old man built this train so he could take his disabled rescue dogs for walks

© chewiegrrrrrrr/imgur  

9. Not all heroes are human!

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10. Yep, this has happened to us too!

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11. This guy delivered 47 pizzas without dropping a single box!

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12. Forewarned is forearmed

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13. "My girlfriend wanted a cool photo of us and this biker offered to take the picture on the condition that he, too, could take a piggyback!"

© sizertl/reddit  

14. When they give you enough barbecue sauce for your nuggets

© cobhc83/reddit  

15. Solidarity in the classroom!

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16. When you're happy to be the walking barman

© HurryOnUpMeow/imgur  

17. Honesty and kindness in action!

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18. A real hero!

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19. This teacher took a puppy to class to help calm down his pupils before an exam!

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20. When a little girl thanks a soldier

© Reuters  

So what about you?  Who are the heroes in your life? Share your stories below!