20 photos guaranteed to drive perfectionists crazy

Most of us like a bit of order in our lives, while others insist on perfection... Everything has to be in place and there's no margin for error.

The problem is that achieving perfection is not a realistic expectation and every day, we'll see things around us that can really bug us - even the tiniest details can make us grind our teeth! Don't believe us? Then check out the following snaps and see how long your patience lasts…

1. When one sunflower rebels

2. When you've used up all the pieces and see this

3. When it's a milimeter off-center

4. Was it too much to expect?

5. Wrong way round

6. Grrrrrrrrrrr

7. He needs to ask for a refund

8. Could you sit behind this?

9. They're supposed to fit together

10. When they cut your sandwich in 3...

11. The perils of tangled cables

12. Why?

13. An almost perfect circle

14. Time to find a new electrician

15. When the mustard, ketchup and relish are in the wrong container

16. Who hired this architect?

17. Misalignment warning!

18. If you have OCD, look away now!

19. When they get the angle wrong

20. When a blackboard's never properly wiped