20 photos of dogs and cats that grew to be bigger than their owners expected

As they grow older, some dogs and cats can really get big.

When you get a pet, you know in advance that you’re dealing with a breed that usually gets to be a certain size. But that doesn't mean we won’t be surprised.

Here are 20 photos of animals that grew a lot.

1. His Belgian Malinois turned into quite a giant dog.

© MulberrySpartacus / Imgur

2. The little girl grew up, but she doesn't seem to notice…

© YouThoughtThisWasAUsernameButItWasMeDio / Imgur

3. In just 6 months, he’s already adult size.

© unknown_user / Imgur, © revelator / Imgur

4. He was abandoned with his siblings in a box. He’s still growing!

© Stu**dSeal / Pikabu

5. This cat quadrupled in size in just 7 months.

© JonIsacLindberg / Imgur

6. The slipper was just the right size for him to curl up comfortably. He’s grown a little since then.

© GunsArmsson / Imgur

7. The cat gang is growing.

© Jakunai / Reddit

8. A year later and this beautiful dog hasn’t finished growing yet.

© heeeeynicehydroflask / Reddit

9. Not even a year old, and he’s already a giant!

© dogstuf10 / Imgur

10. The difference in size is clear.

© philmccracken21 / Imgur

11. He has completely transformed into a beautiful cat.

© danh8569 / Reddit

12. A tiny puppy that turned into a big dog in two years…

© MsWhereILeftMySocks / Imgur

13. Old habits die hard!

© galvao773 / Imgur

14. This kitten grew up and become very majestic.

© AigulMoon / Pikabu

15. Saint Bernards are known for their large size.

© clariselise / Imgur

16. The dog grew a lot, but his toy has stayed the same size.

© ScottyRay2110 / Imgur

17. This kitten was barely 4 hours old. Here he is a year later:

© TiNA93uo / Pikabu

18. These two dogs aren’t the same size, but they still sleep like when they were puppies.

© rcphilly / Imgur, © DagothWit / Imgur

19. This girl has gotten pretty big, but she’s a completely adorable ball of fur.

© ThatsamegayikeS / Imgur

20. Pets that grow up together never separate.

© Afutka / Pikabu