20 photos of awesome boss-employee relationships

For a company to remain efficient, there has to be a relationship of trust between employees and employers. The human element of the company is at the heart of the success, and many bosses seem to forget that. It seems like some of them only care about counting revenue and productivity. Human relationships are deteriorating, and employees are sometimes pushed to the limit. Absenteeism is becoming an epidemic. The recipe for constant productivity is simple: employees must enjoy coming to work, because they trust their superiors and appreciate the atmosphere at work. A happy employee makes a winning company.

Some companies really get this. Bosses aren’t afraid to socialize and mingle with their employees, shaking their hands every day, getting a feel for the work environment and listening to their employees’ needs. You’ll see 20 of the best possible relationships between bosses and their employees in this list. Not all bosses are cold and unapproachable! There really are companies where it’s fun to work.

1. The employees asked their boss for a wall clock, and here’s what he put up!


2. “My boss and I had an ugly sweater contest and I won!”


3. “I work freelance and my client insists on regular webcams. I insist on dressing up like a wizard.”


4. This boss and one of his employees were having a contest to see who could lose the most weight. The winner would get a bonus. Today was one employee’s birthday, and as a good competitor, here’s what the boss brought for him!


5. “My boss asked me to Photoshop his face on the group photo of the company, because he didn’t like how he looked…”


6. “Our boss set up a surveillance camera to keep an eye on us when he’s away. Here’s how we retaliated.”


7. This lifeguard’s boss gave him a key to open a drawer where confidential documents are kept. He felt important, until he looked closely at the drawer...


8. “Today was my first day at a new job. We have to wear a uniform. My boss came to say hello and made a funny face. A few minutes later, he came back with two pieces of tape, apologized, and said that I had to wear it until I could get an outfit my size.”


9. This employee won a bet against his boss. He told him that he would pay up as agreed. This morning, he found rolls of pennies on his desk... 


10. My colleague just came back to work after spending a week at “Burning Man,” so my boss kindly put this on his desk this morning.


11. “I work in the construction industry and my boss pays me in cash... This month, he thought he’d be funny…”


12. “A friend of mine faked a doctor’s note when he played hooky from work. Our boss wasn’t fooled. This is what was posted for us all to see.”


13. “To show my enthusiasm for coming to work, this is how I stood in front of my boss’s surveillance camera this morning!”


14. “My boss asked me to watch his house and dog for him during his month off. I took full advantage of it and took a few pictures that I framed like family photos. Then I hung them up in various places around his home. He didn’t notice anything for about a week!”


15. “Every year for our boss’s birthday, we have fun playing pranks all day. This time, we Photoshopped the photos of his kids, switching them with his employees’ faces.”


16. “One of my friends is a welder. It's my boss's birthday, and he asked me for a bottle of whiskey... Here you go!”


17. “My boss complained that my hair was too long, so I fixed the problem.”


18. “My boss just walked up to me and stuck this note on my chest.”


19. I told my boss I wanted a standing pad, and this is what I got.


20. “We just gave our boss a giant oil painting of himself.”