20 perfectly soothing and calming photos

Looking at pictures of natural expanses and harmonious objects when you’re restless is a great way to relax.

Some landscapes produce a naturally relaxing effect, thanks to what they’re composed of and the colors that form them. If you can’t be there, you can get a similar effect by looking at photographs of these places. Images of organized and colorful objects can be just as relaxing.

Here are 20 photos whose shapes and colors are soothing to the restless mind.

1. A lavender field that stretches as far as the eye can see

© Grafixart-Photo / reddit  

2. This high wall formed by trees in Paris

© Unknown / imgur  

3. These perfectly aligned triangular subway handles

© Incredible_Cat / reddit  

4. Flawlessly prepared lemon meringue pies

© Kenzfetti / reddit  

5. Crows roosting on tree branches completely covered with snow

© slayer1am / reddit  

6. This pile of flour

© Unknown / reddit  

7. The carbon dioxide bubbles are in perfect alignment.

© xdddddxdxdxx / reddit  

8. Apple pie can also be a work of art.

© dittidot / reddit  

9. The lines on this tree leaf match the lifelines on this person’s hand.

© admiralwan / reddit  

10. A test for color blindness

© CaptainHalitosis / imgur  

11. A perfectly toasted marshmallow

© VeryFastWithACucumberNiceAndSlowWithAZucchini / imgur  

12. The cup and the coffee in it are exactly the same color.

© Matarskra / reddit  

13. The light from the lamppost seems to come out of the tree.

© Mishlis / reddit  

14. Colored pencils arranged in a hypnotic manner… 

© TheEphemeric / reddit  

15. The architecture at the Trinity College library in Dublin offers a stunning perspective

© sivribiber / reddit  

16. This oil painting

© davidambart / reddit  

17. The way these pumpkin seeds settled in the pan of water

© noburg75 / reddit  

18. The progressive color bands in this latte

© wootxding / reddit  

19. This colorful, snow-covered street in Ireland

© ethan_kahn / reddit  

20. These perfect rows of tulips

© u/Luciphyr729 / reddit