20 people who wished they could travel back in time

How often have we wished that we could travel back in time and start our day afresh? Sadly, time machines are the stuff of science fiction, so we're left having to face the consequences of our actions or accept that we've had a stroke of bad luck...

Here are 20 people who were snapped just when things went wrong... We bet they're wishing this day never happened!

1. When you take your frustration out on your TV

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2. You move in to a new house and a few days later you see this...

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3. No way!  Imagine finding this in your ice cream!

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4. Oh the irony!

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5. The day a teenager took his parents' car for a joy ride...

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6. To help tourists imagine the skyline on a foggy day

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7. Always pay extra attention if you use scissors to open packaging

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8. When workers forget to leave a 'wet concrete' sign

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9. There comes a time in life when we're too big for swings

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10. Never leave paint in a hot car!

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11. The day a non-professional cut down your tree

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12. What do you think? Still edible?

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13. Struck by lightning?

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14. When an ice cream machine rebels

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15. Perfect timing!

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16. Her mother did try to warn her!

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17. First and last time they go on a fairground ride

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18. The scariest of situations

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19. Some tourists are so keen to get a tan, they'd rather fry than bronze!

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20. Never walk and text at the same time

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