20 people who've perfected the art of laziness

We all have our 'couch potato' moments, but some people have turned laziness into an art in their quest for an easy life...

So, in honor of anyone who has a minimum effort approach to things, here are 20 hilarious photos of laziness taken to a whole new level

1. Just so long as the windscreen, windows and mirrors are visible...

© opt88 / pikabu  

2. Attach the back of a frame to keep your laptop screen at the right angle

© griffinonthego / reddit  

3. Being a redhead means you can dress up as Van Gogh in a flash and without spending a fortune

© theginginger / imgur  

4. Why put up and take down decorations when you can just wrap the tree up ready for next year?

© 342636_stephy_a / reddit  

5. When your wife nags you about playing too many games instead of working out

© Majike03 / reddit  

6. Why carve pumpkins when you can just buy a kit?

© brom333 / reddit  

7. Yep, pets can be as lazy as their owners...

© ClarkissDaily / reddit  

8. How to avoid moving while you work...

© HoboStabz / reddit

9. Choose the right rug without setting foot outside your home

© unknown author / imgur  

10. "Nope, it's too cold to go out..."

© loismarrisonx / twitter  

11. Get good use of out of Valentines cards by recycling them!

© unknown author / imgur

12. Hilarious... Some jobs require very little effort!

© slappedchopped / reddit  

13. We wonder if they'll ever bother to come back and finish this parking lot?

© Lyste / imgur  

14. When you're too tired to walk around a store

© SpunkyLilT / imgur  

15. Not sure how to protect your wooden floor?  Just use the sock technique!

© marzipanius / imgur  

16. Why set up a chair when you can sit on the box?

© unknown author / imgur  

17. When your trash can turns into a game of Tetris

© javaknowledge / imgur  

18. Low budget, easy-to-make air-conditioning

© Cocacolika / imgur

19. Every office has a worker who does this...

© Proutler / imgur  

20. Did we mention that pets can be as lazy as their owners?

© unknown author / imgur