20 people who think they're modern day Ensteins

Do you have Einstein's IQ? Probably not, but if you do, you can consider yourself a genius. There aren't many people who make the same grade as the famous physicist. Those that do come from around the globe and are responsible for the greatest inventions on Earth.

Then there are those who may not be genius level, but certainly deserve a mention when it comes to finding solutions for life's little problems... Check out the following selection of people who think they're modern day Einsteins!

1. When there's a special deal...

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2. An electric bike

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3. When you run out of coffee filters

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4. Sometimes you can't find a big enough bowl

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5. For anyone who lives in a country that gets as hot as an oven

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6. A DIY mug!

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7. Why buy an electric whisk when you have a drill?

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8. Help yourself to as much as you like...

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9. Anti-theft solution

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10. Just make sure it's firmly attached!

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11. When you forget your cap...

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12. Use tape to turn a fork into a spoon

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13. If your headlights get smashed, cover them with a plastic container!

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14. Although some people prefer to trick!

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15. How to make the perfect sandwich

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16. When you stop and want people to think there's a passenger in the car

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17. Never lose the remote control again

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18. Awesome Lego knife holder

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19. Socks for weather stripping!

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20. The adult version

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