20 people who snapped and shared their hotel misery

When we go on vacation or a business trip, one of the harder choices is selecting the right hotel. Word of mouth, adverts, social media, reviews - sometimes there's too much information to sift through. But nothing can really prepare us for what lies in wait...

It may look fabulous in the brochure, but sometimes the reality tells a different story. From bad plumbing to non-existent views, here's a selection of hotel fails that people have snapped and shared. Let's just hope the owners take note!

1. They paid extra for a room with a large TV

© OfficialFaabs / Reddit  

2. Turn on the light and set fire to your room

© AkimboJuuls / Reddit  

3. One way to stub your toe

© CleetisMcgee / reddit  

4. Even with the curtains closed, this mirror means everyone can see the bed

© TukTuk-OneLung / Reddit  

5. They were given a room that was mid-refurbishment

© RandomGuyWithPizza / Reddit 

6. How to trip up or fall down the stairs

© DrDiagnonsense / Reddit  

7. We so hope that's not blood...

© DoubleDuke101 / Reddit  

8. Shower and flood the bathroom at the same time

© dmichaelmyers / Reddit  

9. Could you pee in this men's restroom?

© T1meF0rP1anB / reddit  

10. Accident waiting to happen

© DisturbingArmadillo / Reddit  

11. Sold as a room with a sea view

© Ferniffico / Reddit  

12. What about Rooms 227 to 249?

© thecomment-guy / Reddit  

13. Seriously?

© Phydeaux / Reddit  

14. Another bathroom fail

© DiceGottfried / Reddit  

15. Yes, this is the swimming pool

© Johnoplata / Reddit  

16. They chose this hotel so they could work out

© PineBadger / Reddit  

17. A family room...

© edapaker / Reddit  

18. You need to walk through walls if there's an emergency

© yeaabut / Reddit  

19. How long are your arms?

© Chappssss / Reddit  

20. Big movie room, tiny screen

© syrupdash / Reddit