20 people who showed off their problem solving skills

We all solve problems in a different way. Some of us may call in a pro or buy a replacement for a faulty item, whereas others are keen to show off their problem solving or DIY skills, with varying levels of success!

Here are 20 people who put their problem solving skills to the test... Whether these solved the issue remains to be seen but they get 10 out of 10 for their creative thinking!

1. Need whisk, but don't have one to hand?  Just dig out an electric drill and attach a pair of scissors!

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2. When a bus's door breaks, but you have a spare one at home!

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3. This person must have paid attention during physics class!

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4. Clear, simple advice!

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5. Electrical tape is great for patching things up!

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6. Because Barbie loves snuggling up in front of a roaring fire...

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7. One twin was ill on the yearbook photo day, so his identical twin stepped in!

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8. A learner hover board

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9. Genius idea!

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10. When buying a guitar is beyond your budget!

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11. When your guard dog is a soft toy!

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12. Individual plunge pools!

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13. Heavy, but clever!

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14. This guy wired up a battery so they could charge their phone when on the move

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15. We get the idea, but this still seems a little dangerous!

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16. This guy has thought of everything!

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17. Problem solved!

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18. DIY trouser suspenders

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19. When your desk is directly below the AC

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20. This little boy was scared of monsters, so his dad asked Mace Windu to keep guard!

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