20 people who should have never put their creative skills to the test

Some people need to accept that their creative skills leave much to be desired. Their ideas may be awesome, but that's as far as it goes. It's not their fault that they lack the manual skills or didn't think through an idea... You could call it a question of "2 left hands".

In other words, it would have been best if they left a project well alone, as their "works of art" deserve to be trashed. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

1. What happens if it rains?

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2. Wonder if this will even last a day...

© SuperCub/reddit

3. So she can snack during the ceremony

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4. A trip to the gym would have been better

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5. DIY watch strap

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6. Would you go for this look?

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7. Original, but disgusting

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8. It's better than nothing

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9. Eew!

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10. When a husband makes his wife a new comb

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11. Not sure about the comfort level!

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12. When you're a hardened Mario fan!

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13. A total Photoshop fail

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14. Turn dentures into a tasty dessert?

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15. Stable, but ugly

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16. Improvized swimming pool

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17. A beautifully-crafted cellphone holder

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18. Interesting idea, but what happens when it starts to rot?

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19. Guess how many bottles of wine they needed to drink to collect all these corks

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20. Another terrible Photoshop fail

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