20 people who shared photos of their very close call

Call it karma or coincidence, but some people have had reason to thank their lucky stars! They all had a close shave with death through no fault of their own and have not only lived to tell the tale, but also shared their snaps with the rest of us.

Here are 20 jaw-dropping close calls that you'll have to agree make us wonder if guardian angels exist.  What about you?  Have you ever had a brush with death?  Share your comments and photos with us below!

1. Money may not buy happiness, but it can certainly save your life!

© Fadawah/reddit  

This guy's granddad fought in WW2 and was shot at by a German soldier.  Luckily he had some coins in his pocket that deflected the bullet... Imagine telling your family how a handful of coins saved your life!

2. Off with her head!

© BigFloppy/imgur  

These guys were behind a builder's when an axe suddenly flew into the air and smashed through their windscreen... Thankfully it landed on the dashboard!

3. A centimeter to the left...

© RubberChickenTenders/imgur  

This must have been terrifying!

4. A perfectly formed tree


This young man was heading to his car after class and suddenly heard a loud noise...By a stroke of luck the tree that landed right next to his car had a curved trunk and he got home safe and sound!

5. Natural camouflage

This guy was hiking and almost stepped on what he thought was a piece of wood.  Luckily he looked down at his feet only to see that it was a rattler that could have left him with a very nasty, if not fatal, bite!

6. Because every millimeter counts!

© unknown/imgur  

You can't get closer than this!

7. A bite to eat

© Robert Arnold/Twitter  

Sharks are known to taste their prey before deciding to gobble it up, which is probably what saved this girl's life.  A small shark bit her, but clearly decided she wasn't tasty enough!

8. When catdogs replace hotdogs?

© ShirePony/reddit  

We love black cats, but boy can they blend into their surroundings!

9. Cars and trees

© superhero112/reddit  

After a stormy night, residents of this neighborhood went outside to inspect the damage... We reckon there are only a couple of millimeters between the tree and the car!

10. Always wear safety glasses

© austaul/reddit  

This guy's face (if not life) was saved by his glasses when a sanding disc broke and a jagged piece flew directly at his head!

11. Like a rolling stone

© markpitts/reddit  

This farm in Italy almost got destroyed by a giant bolder that was dislodged during a landslide!

12. Avoiding a watery grave

© unknown/imgur  

A landslide almost pushed this truck into the sea, but the safety barrier stopped it in its tracks. There was nothing the driver could do other than hope he would survive and, happily, he did!

13. A protective ring

© maxter009/imgur  

This man works in a lumber yard and was standing next to a co-worker who was stacking planks of wood. All of a sudden a large plank fell off and landed on his hand.  It was so painful it made his head spin and he was sure a finger had been severed... As luck would have it, he was wearing a ring made from tungsten carbide that absorbed the blow, saving his finger in the process!

14. Always read the label

© ccraddock/reddit  

This one's more of an unlucky tale... This man has problems sleeping at night, so often takes a sleeping aid. One evening he got confused between his usual pill and a laxative! Our advice? Always double check the label before taking a medication!

15. Chainsaw vs cell phone

© WarlockRock11/reddit  

This guy was chainsawing wood when suddenly the chain flew off and landed on his thigh. It was stopped by his cell phone that he'd placed in his pocket... One trip to ER avoided!

16. Gaps between our bones can be real life-savers!

© ILLMATIC1994/imgur  

While working with a staple gun, this guy accidentally stapled himself with two caliber 16 nails! Much to everyone's relief, when he was x-rayed at hospital they found the nails were lodged in the space between his thigh bone and kneecap!

17. When being late for work is a good thing

© unknown/imgur  

This guy was a couple of minutes late for work... Had he arrived on time, this car would probably have landed on him!

18. Construction jobs can be very risky!

© felix33/reddit  

No one knows exactly why this happened, but one night this digger fell through a floor of this building... Imagine the carnage if this had happened during working hours!

19. A protective tree

© DrewFlan/reddit  

This lady was sure this huge tree had crushed her car after heavy snowfall, however once it started to melt she realized that the curved trunk had left the vehicle unscathed!

20. Sometimes the smallest things do the most damage

© kjthewhitelion/instagram  

One evening this lady broke the tip of her knife when trying to open a pot, but couldn't find where it fell.  While preparing summer fruit jam the next day, she found the tip in her mixture, potentially saving a close one's life!